Have An Incredible Wedding By Prioritizing A Venue With An Inviting Reception Area

5 September 2018
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While looking at venues for your wedding, you may not be paying too much attention to the ceremony area because you know that this part of the day will happen quickly. You may be more interested in making sure that you choose a wedding venue with an amazing reception area. If you are finding a lot of reception areas that look like they could work well for your wedding, you should decide on the most important qualities to help narrow down your options. Read More 

Pumpkin Patch Birthday Parties – Getting Creative

18 July 2018
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If you have an autumn birthday, you're one of the lucky ones – you have the option of throwing a pumpkin patch birthday party! Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help you complete the pumpkin patch party planning process. Decorations The possibilities are nearly limitless – as long as its pumpkin or autumn related, it'll work. One thing that many of your guests will probably be in awe of is a decoupage photo pumpkin. Read More 

Marketing Strategies That Can Be Used At Your Garden Center

30 May 2018
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If you own a garden center, keeping your clients informed about various flower and tree varieties that are easy to care for and that will deeply impact the appearance of their property is essential and will help you build a loyal customer base that will depend upon you for all of their gardening needs. If you have found yourself in a rut and sales have been plummeting lately, use some marketing strategies to turn the situation around. Read More 

Save Money on Catering by Working with These Types of Services

27 April 2018
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Food is an important part of any event. Many people will judge the success of your event on how good the food was. However, good food doesn't necessarily come cheap. This puts you in a position where you have to figure out how to provide excellent food for your event without spending your entire event budget on food alone. There are several options you can try out that are less pricey than a premium caterer. Read More 

Two Tips To Take Your Next Party To Another Level

19 March 2018
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When you're throwing a party, you want it to be a grand affair. The food should be amazing, the venue must be perfect, and the entertainment must be top notch. If you're planning an event and you want it to be unlike anything else that you've ever attended, there are a few things you need to do. Listed below are a couple tips you can use to help elevate your next party from regular to spectacular. Read More