Marketing Strategies That Can Be Used At Your Garden Center

30 May 2018
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If you own a garden center, keeping your clients informed about various flower and tree varieties that are easy to care for and that will deeply impact the appearance of their property is essential and will help you build a loyal customer base that will depend upon you for all of their gardening needs. If you have found yourself in a rut and sales have been plummeting lately, use some marketing strategies to turn the situation around.

Attend A Workshop That Features A Speaker

Contact your local chamber of commerce or a community center to inquire about workshops that will be offered in your hometown. Workshops that are geared toward landscapers, garden center owners, or arborists often feature a guest speaker. A green industry speaker is someone who has worked as a horticulturist and has used proven methods to excel within their field.

A speaker will provide countless tips, including environmentally safe landscaping products, various types of annuals or perennials to plant in the climate where you live, and tips that will accent specific parts of a piece of property and that will not require much maintenance.

A speaker will also provide strategies that will help a business owner gain new clients and keep their existing ones satisfied. The wealth of information that you acquire during a workshop and guest speaking event can be utilized on a daily basis at your garden center. 

Create Displays And Offer A Guarantee With Purchases

Show your customers some ways that they can beautify their property by creating displays at the garden center. A portable water feature can be enhanced by planting flowers or small saplings around it or you can create a multi-tiered display by using a wooden or metal shelving unit and placing flowering plants and vines on it.

Use the displays to brighten up the corners of your business or add some of the displays to the exterior of the business to add a splash of color to the entryway. If your customers are intrigued by the displays and would like to purchase some of the items so that they can replicate a display on their property, offer each individual a guarantee with their purchases.

The guarantee can state that if an individual is not satisfied with their products or if their trees or plants do not thrive, that they can return them and exchange them for other items that are for sale at the center. 

Provide Customized Services

Offering customized services is a great way to get to know your clients on a personal level and will make each one feel valued. Customized services can include recommending products that will assist with eliminating pests from plants or products that will help wilted plants thrive.

If a client has a landscaping project that they would like to tackle on their own, but is unsure of how to complete it, you can look over their plans and give them pointers that will help them achieve the end results that desire. You can also recommend shortcuts that they can take or plants that will require little maintenance during the year.