Have An Incredible Wedding By Prioritizing A Venue With An Inviting Reception Area

5 September 2018
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While looking at venues for your wedding, you may not be paying too much attention to the ceremony area because you know that this part of the day will happen quickly. You may be more interested in making sure that you choose a wedding venue with an amazing reception area.

If you are finding a lot of reception areas that look like they could work well for your wedding, you should decide on the most important qualities to help narrow down your options.

Square Footage

An important detail to consider is the square footage of the reception area. You do not want anyone to feel cramped while spending time at the reception. If you are going with a buffet-style reception, you should expect all your guests to be getting up and down to grab food and drinks.

When your guests must worry about bumping into each other, it will increase the chance of accidents. A reception area with substantial square footage is ideal for avoiding issues. You just want to make sure that you do not pick a venue so large that a lot of the venue stays empty.

Open Space

Too much open space is a problem, but a decent amount of open space is excellent for an amazing reception. For instance, you will want to have a lot of open space at the dance floor to ensure that most of your guests can get up and dance without feeling overcrowded. Also, after the table and chairs are set up, you do not want people backing their chairs into neighboring chairs.

Knowing how many guests you will have can help you pick a wedding venue because you can pick one that has ideal sizing as opposed to going larger for additional guests that may not come.


Natural and artificial lighting are two things that you will want with an indoor reception. Unless you intend on having an evening reception in which the sun has already gone down, you should prioritize reception areas with large windows, doors, or skylights where the sun comes through.

As for artificial lighting, you may want to make sure that the wedding venue can create an intimate setting on the dance floor as well as at your table where you sit with your spouse. You also want enough light so that all your guests do not have to worry about tripping on anything.

Choosing the right priorities will help you have an amazing wedding in a fitting reception area. Contact a wedding venue like The Manoa Grand Ballroom for more information.