4 Events You Didn't Know You Needed Flowers For

18 November 2014
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You may think that floral arrangements are only for weddings and funerals, but they can be used for so many other events. A good floral arrangement can set the tone of an event and engage the senses of your attendees. Here are four events that you might not think of ordering flowers for, that will really benefit from a few thoughtful arrangements. 


Whether you are hosting a wine tasting, a coffee cupping, or a bake-off, your guests will appreciate the visual stimulation of a few well-placed floral arrangements. For instance, looking at flowers can help wine tasters pick up subtle floral flavors in the wines more easily. 

For tastings, you should select small flowers that are not particularly fragrant so they do not overpower the scent of the food or drink your guests are consuming. 

Corporate Events 

Studies have found that living with flowers for several days can lift your mood and make you less anxious. If you are hosting a multiple day conference, adding some flower arrangements can help your participants beat their fatigue and remain engaged in your lectures and activities. 

For corporate events, you should get floral arrangements that people will notice and reflect your business somehow. For example, if you are putting together a conference on youth topics, you may get orange flowers since orange is often associated with youth. 


Besides raising engagement and creating a friendly backdrop, floral arrangements can also boost giving at your fundraising events. For example, the Yellow Star Tulip is thought to increase empathy and compassion, which can increase giving.

Besides tulips, purple flowers are a good choice for fundraisers as they are generally associated with wealth. 

Group Therapy 

Studies have shown that people tend to display flowers in shared spaces, leading researchers to believe that flowers are a symbol for sharing and intimacy. This means that flowers may subconsciously create a shared, intimate space that will help people open up to one another. This does not have to be limited to group therapy but can be used any time you want to create an intimate group atmosphere.

For these situations, you may want to choose small, subtle arrangements that do not detract from the main focus of the event but subtly influence participants in the background. 

Flowers, like from Aladdin's Florist & Wedding Chapel, can be fun and pretty, but they can also have a lot of meaning. The next time you are putting together an event, consider a floral arrangement to help create the perfect environment.