Selecting A Venue For A Retirement Party

12 July 2023
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If you are in charge of hosting a retirement party for a friend or loved one, you want to select a location that suits the needs of those in attendance perfectly. There are a few points to keep in mind when deciding on an event venue. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice for this type of party.

Inquire About Accessibility

When hosting retirement events, there are bound to be some guests within the same age range as the guest of honor. With the advanced ages of participants, there are also likely to be some that require special accessibility options to get around the event location. Before deciding on a particular event venue, find out which ones in your area provide ample accessibility features. This includes wheelchair ramps, one-level event areas rather than staircases to need to use, elevators, and wide hallways and doorways. It is also preferred to have a staff member available during the event to assist with any mobility issues so guests gain access to all areas without difficulty.

Find Out About Hospitality Services

If the retirement party involves guests who are coming from afar, there is a need for hotel services so they have someone to rest before and after the event takes place. Finding an event venue with a hotel on the premises or one that provides a shuttle service to a nearby hotel is preferable. In addition, using an event venue with catering on the premises allows you to focus on aspects of the party without needing to worry about the provision of food and drinks for those in attendance. If an event location does not provide catering, find out if there is a nearby catering service they recommend. Many event venues work in tandem with area providers.

Know The Weather And Have Options Available

If you prefer that the retirement party is held outdoors, it is wise to choose a venue that has an indoor option should weather conditions deteriorate. Find out where the party can be moved if precipitation begins. Make sure the indoor portion is near the outside event space so you do not need to walk far to get sheltered from the weather. It is also important to find out whether staff members are available to assist with the moving of belongings if this scenario becomes necessary. Ask whether you have the option to set up inside if the weather is unfavorable before the event is to begin as well.