The Top 10 Details When Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue

1 June 2023
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There's an unmistakable allure in the prospect of an outdoor wedding. However, it's easy to be swept away by visions of vast green landscapes, shimmering bodies of water, or a breathtaking city skyline, setting the backdrop for your love story. 

Outdoor venues provide the opportunity for a unique, nature-infused celebration, adding a touch of enchantment to your big day. But before you commit to a venue, there are key details you must consider. But before you sign a contract, consider these top ten details to ensure your special day is flawless.

1. Weather

Check the local weather patterns. Can the venue accommodate sudden changes in weather? Look for a venue that offers a plan B, like an indoor area or the ability to erect a tent.

2. Capacity

Your venue needs to comfortably hold your guest list. Consider space for tables, a dance floor, and other wedding features. You don't want your guests feeling cramped or restricted.

3. Accessibility

Ensure the venue is easily accessible for all guests. Think about parking, public transport links, and provisions for guests with mobility issues.

4. Scenic Backdrops

A beautiful view will give your wedding photos that extra touch. When touring venues, envision the potential for stunning photo backdrops.

5. Facilities and Amenities

Modern restrooms, electricity for the DJ, adequate lighting for evening events — all these amenities need to be available at your chosen venue.

6. Restrictions

Some venues may have restrictions, like noise curfews or decor limitations. Make sure you know what is allowed.

7. Accommodations

If your wedding has out-of-town guests, nearby accommodations are a must. Check the distance between the venue and local hotels or guest houses.

8. Catering

Does the venue provide catering? Can you bring in your preferred caterer? Some venues may also have rules about alcohol service, so be sure to inquire.

9. Costs and Hidden Fees

Understand what's included in the package. Are there any hidden fees, such as clean-up charges, overtime fees, or service charges?

10. Personal Touch

Finally, does the venue allow you to put your personal touch on your special day? The flexibility to customize your wedding to reflect your personality can make all the difference.

In conclusion, an outdoor wedding venue offers a unique opportunity to embrace nature and make your special day truly unforgettable for everyone involved. Taking the time to consider each of the ten things listed above will help you choose the ideal venue, creating a wedding day filled with beautiful memories.  

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