Three Tablecloth Types To Rent

16 December 2022
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A tablecloth can help to add style to any table, making this one of the most important linens that you can rent for an event. When you begin to think about what things you need to rent for an upcoming event, you should plan to browse the options at a local linen rental company. This service carries all sorts of linens that can be useful for different events, including tablecloths. You'll see tablecloths in not only several different sizes but also in many different materials. Here are three tablecloth types that you may wish to rent.


Every linen rental company will have polyester tablecloths for rent. This material has numerous advantages, including the fact that it is typically one of the most affordable options on the market. If you have to rent a lot of tablecloths for your event and you want to keep within a certain budget, polyester may be your best choice. This material is also available in a wide range of colors, so whether you want something classic such as white or black, or you favor something in a brighter hue, you'll be able to find it. Many people also like the gentle sheen that polyester tablecloths offer, as well as the soft texture of this material.


Lace is another tablecloth material to think about. It's known for its unique appearance, which features a woven look with plenty of holes, which can make this material pair well with another tablecloth. For example, a common option is to place a polyester tablecloth in a bright color directly on top of the table and then add a lace tablecloth over it. For a holiday party, a red or green polyester tablecloth with a white lace tablecloth can offer a festive look.


Your local linen rental service likely also has burlap tablecloths available to rent. This material has a tan/brown hue and a slightly rough texture. It's known for its rustic look, which can make it a good fit in many different event venues. For example, if your upcoming event will take place in a barn venue or even outdoors, you may find that burlap will give the right look. Other materials could seem too formal for this type of environment. To check out samples of each of these materials, as well as browse other options that are available, visit a linen rental service in your community.