Three Reasons To Use A Pipe And Drape Set

13 July 2022
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When you're planning an event, it's common to rent a number of things that you'll use around the venue. While various pieces of furniture and decor might be on your list, don't overlook renting one or more pipe and drape sets. This product consists of a pipe frame and drapes that hang from the frame. It's available at many event rental companies, and you have the ability to choose the height and length of the pipes, as well as the color of the drapes. Pipe and drape sets can be a good addition to all sorts of events and are useful to have for these reasons.


A lot of people use pipe and drape sets to conceal certain things. If you want to reveal something during your event, you don't want people to see it before the time is right. A simple solution is to use a pipe and drape set to conceal whatever you plan to reveal. For example, if you're planning an award banquet, you'll likely have a table full of awards ready to hand out. You don't want people to see the awards in advance, as they'd be able to read the plaques and learn the winner of each award. Placing a pipe and drape set around the table that holds the awards will conceal them.


Pipe and drape sets are also useful for adding style to your event. You can place them in specific areas that you want to look better. For example, if you have an outdoor event and you want to have a stylish backdrop at the rear of the stage, a simple solution is to use a pipe and drape set. It will give you a backdrop in the color and style that you want, which may be better than how the area would look without the drapes.

Division Of Space

Dividing space into multiple smaller spaces is easy with pipe and drape sets. People commonly use this product at events such as trade shows. With several pipe and drape sets, you can turn a large room into several smaller spaces for the trade show's attendees. This helps to create more of an intimate feel for each booth, which everyone will appreciate. Because pipe and drape sets are available in several heights, you'll be able to decide how high you want them to be around the trade show booths.

Contact an event rental company in your area such as VIP Crowd Control to learn more about pipe and drape sets.