Give Back To The Community With Charity Team-Building Activities

20 September 2021
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For your next team-building event, consider doing something that will help your business grow while simultaneously giving back to those in need. Charity team-building activities are an amazing way for employees to get to know each other better while also benefitting the local community. Not only do these events create lasting bonds amongst coworkers, everyone will also be volunteering their time to a good cause that creates a true impact in other people's lives. Keep reading to learn about various inspiring team-building activities for your company to try.

Build Bikes for Charity

A popular way for businesses to get involved in helping out their local community is through a charity bicycle team-building activity. For this event, teams will win bike parts by participating in challenges. Once every part needed to build a bike is collected, participants will build and decorate the bikes. The most creative bike will be declared the winner, and all bikes will be donated to charity organizations that can deliver them to low-income families. These bikes are valuable because they provide safer methods of transportations for children who may have to walk to school alone in the elements without them. 

Collect Food Donations for Those in Need

Another great charity event for making a difference involves collecting and donating food to the hungry. People are always in need of food donations, so this is a great way to make a difference in people's lives. Stockpile non-perishable food items that will be used at the charity event as rewards for winning challenges. Brainstorm ideas for games prior to the team-building activity, and make each one takes a couple of minutes to complete. Once all of the necessary games are completed, each team will create a structure using the boxes and cans collected. The most creative structure wins, which can be determined by a popular vote at the end of the event. All food items used will then be donated to charity to help those in need.

Send Care Packages to Military Members

This is a great way to show your company's support of military members who may be stationed overseas, far away from home and loved ones. Employees at the event will take part in challenges that will help them earn care package items. Once enough supplies are earned, event-goers will put together thoughtful, custom care packages that will be donated to overseas troop members. Show the troops your support with this caring and compassionate team-building event.