Why Rent Glassware For Your Party?

9 January 2017
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You have a big party coming up and the guest list has more people than all the glasses in your house. You have a few options for resolving this problem. One is calling friends and asking to borrow enough glasses so everyone at the party has one. Another is to run around to all the different thrift stores and buy enough. The third is to rent them. While renting them may seem a bit silly, consider the facts. Borrowing from friends is not going to cost you anything unless some get broken and you need to replace them. Buying at a thrift store will cost roughly the same amount as renting, so that is a wash. So what are the important differences?

Numbers and Types

If the guest list is big, you are going to need a lot of glasses. Trying to limit each guest to just one glass is difficult at best. In addition, if you want different types of glasses, for example, water glasses, champagne flutes, and on-the-rocks glasses, trying to get enough of each type from friends or stores can be impossible. When you rent glassware, you can be sure to have enough for everyone regardless of what they will be drinking. In addition, they will all match in style, color, and design.


Friends might be able to bring the glasses with them to the party to keep you from having to store them beforehand and will take them home after you wash them. However, if you buy enough glasses for the party, you will probably do so before the day of the event. This means you need to find a place to keep them without having them break. In addition, once the party is over, you are going to have to figure out what to do with them all. Do you really want all those glasses taking up storage space?


The only way you are going to get out of cleaning all those glasses is by renting them. Most party rental companies include the cost of cleaning in the rental price. Instead of staying up all night doing dishes, you can go to bed. Of course, you will need to wake up to let the rental company collect their wares in the morning, but that is much easier than standing at the sink for hours.

Unless the party is small enough for the glasses you have and maybe that of one friend, renting them is probably your best option. In addition to the above benefits, making the call to rent will also take one chore off your list of what needs to be done. Contact a company like B & T Rents to learn more.