Go, Team! Feasible Fundraisers That Make Money For Your School's Team

22 December 2016
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If your team needs to make money fast, start brainstorming about hosting a fundraiser. Advertising is key when planning such an event, so begin early when possible to ensure the word gets out quick about what your school is going to offer.

Some fun and feasible fundraisers for your school team are:

Opt for sponsorship. Opening-up opportunities for sponsorship is an effective way to raise funds for any team. Selling ad space in your event programs, logos on team uniforms, or even seats in your stadium is a welcome investment opportunity for fans and family members of the team.  

Give something away. Another great way to earn quick money for your team is with a raffle or contest. A simple pay-to-enter giveaway will earn money for each ticket sold, and can involve all members of the team or squad as they can all sell tickets. The key to success lies in the prize that you offer; try to have a community vendor or local merchant donate something impressive, or at the very least, offer it to your team at a discount which will require a short-term investment of the team's funds.

Rely on your fans. Apparel and team memorabilia will sell well when you are trying to earn funds, especially at a pep-rally or sporting event. Set up a sales team to offer shirts, pennants, caps, and other customized promotional merchandise for your fans. You will reach your sales goals in no time!

Feed the crowd. Plan a picnic or barbecue to help raise some money. These can be put together by a key-club or pep-squad, and you may plan it around a game or exhibition to improve participation. Ask area restaurants to provide food for free advertising, or speak with caterers about discounted rates for school functions. Have a raffle or silent auction, additionally, to optimize on the crowd in attendance.

Sell something. You can always make money for your group if you sell something, like candy or magazines. Perhaps narrow the product down to something that echoes the underlying team or sport that you are supporting. For instance, for a school baseball team trying to earn money for uniforms, sell baseballs that are printed with the name of the school and the year.

There are many ways to earn money for your team; try one of these strategies for a swift and successful fundraiser. Delegate a team of students, faculty, and businesses to pull-off a great fundraiser that helps you meet your team's financial goals. Talk to a fundraiser company, like The Elson Company, for more help.