Say "I Do" To These Creative Wedding Reception Venues

21 December 2016
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If the thought of holding your wedding reception in a country club or banquet hall setting leaves you feeling bored and uninspired, it's time to think outside of the traditional venue. Whether this means actually hosting the celebration of love outdoors or in another creative location is up to you and your spouse-to-be. The key is to choose a reception venue that reflects your personalities and has the qualities that you desire in an event space. 

There are many factors, such as cost, size and location, to consider when choosing the deal reception venue. If you want to hold it outdoors, make sure you plan it for a time of year when the weather is most likely to cooperative. Once you have the details worked out, it's time to pick the perfect event space.

Here are some non-traditional venues to consider when narrowing down your list of choices:

1. A Country Barn 

If none of your friends or family members live in the country and have a large barn, you can rent one for the day just like any other event space. A rustic barn is ideal for couples desiring a low-key, laid-back reception with plenty of room for guests to mix, mingle, and dance. 

When it comes to decorating the barn, you'll have a wide variety of options, such as hanging wrought iron lanterns and/or delicate string lights from the rafters, and using country-inspired glass canning jars and fresh wildflower bouquets as table centerpieces.

As a whimsical touch, you can set up bales of hay throughout the barn for photo opportunities. Fill vintage wash basins and wheelbarrows with flowers for another rustic-chic look. 

2. A Bed-and-Breakfast Inn 

Best suited for small wedding receptions, charming, historic bed-and-breakfast inns can provide romantic backdrops for your special event. You may even be able to book a package deal with the inn, and host your out-of-town wedding guests in the rooms as well. Not only will this help your budget, it will be convenient for friends and family members. 

Some inns offer small event venues or lush gardens and lawn space for outdoor receptions. If you plan to have a DJ or live music at your event, make sure it's allowed at the inn before booking.

3. Museums 

If you and your partner share a passion for something, such as archaeology or art history, consider holding the reception at a local or nearby museum. The venue's special events team may be able to make all of the arrangements, such as decor and catering for you, and you'll be surrounded by things that you love, including dinosaur skeletons and vintage airplanes. 

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