Better Than A Hut On The Beach: Why Sandcastle Condos In Port Aransas Are Attractive Investments

21 December 2016
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Living within a few minutes' drive of a beach is one thing, and then living on the beach in a hut is even better. However, there is one condominium building in Port Aransas, TX, which is taking the concept of beach living to a new level. Sandcastle Condos is just a moniker; you do not really live in a sandcastle here. However, there are several things that make living here an attractive investment.

Boardwalk to the Beach

Behind this U-shaped multiplex of condo units is a boardwalk directly to the beach. Anyone living here and/or visiting can walk down to the beach within minutes. You do not have to pack up your car and drive down because the beach is even closer than that. If you have a beach/ocean view condo, you can even see the boardwalk, ocean and beach from your unit.

The Sounds of the Ocean at Night

People love the sound of the ocean at night. It is very soothing. On warm nights, you could open your condo windows and not only listen to the waves crashing, but also smell the salty sea air. If you are the stressed out type, living this close to the ocean will help you relax and rest peacefully at night. 

Large Man-Made Pool

If you do not like the ocean, there is always the massive pool surrounded by shade umbrellas and lounge chairs. Access to the pool is included in your condo homeowner's membership dues. While the beach remains public, giving access to anyone up and down the coast, only condo members and guests can use the pool.

Conference Rooms and Chapels

Very few condo associations have conference rooms and wedding chapels. It is a unique perk connected to only a select few condo multiplexes in the South. While other condo associations may have a pool house or rec hall, you can have a business conference right downstairs from your unit. That cuts down on any issues you have with traffic and being late for work, since you are right there. If you meet a fellow condo owner and fall madly in love, you can get married in the onsite chapel too.

Ground-Floor Investments

Right now, many of these condos and the buildings themselves are being remodeled. However, they do require private investors and condo owners to keep the remodeling going. You could buy shares in the building and property as well as your own unit, and get access to most of the amenities that are currently available, even during remodeling. Beachfront property is a hot commodity, and when the remodeling is complete, the values almost always go up. For those reasons, ground-floor investments now are a very good idea.