These Factors Could Steer You Toward A Successful Career As A Life Coach

26 August 2016
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If you've been considering a change in your career and are drawn toward the idea of helping others, you might be considering taking training and getting certified as a life coach. Many people use life coaches to help them with their careers, health, and even their relationships with family and friends. If you like the idea of working as a life coach but are trying to evaluate whether it might be the right career for you, it's important to look at your personality and interests and see if they're in alignment with this type of work. Here are some factors that could steer you toward life coach training and opening an eventual practice.

An Ability To Listen Without Necessarily Offering Solutions

Being a life coach involves a lot of listening, so you must feel that you're adept in this area. However, while life coaches can definitely provide people with the tools that they need for success, coaching sessions aren't all about telling your client what to do. Instead, you should be able to listen and allow the client to hear his or her own words, and then possibly suggest a solution. While you can certainly chime in with some recommendations of your own, you need to feel that you can converse without always telling the client what to do.

An Interest In Ongoing Training

While the initial training for life coaches is important, it's also ideal if you're keen on continuing to learn throughout your career. Many life coaches believe that learning never ends and are constantly taking new courses from different life coach instructors to expand on the value that they can offer to their clients. If you're someone who enjoys the educational practice and, more importantly, wants to further his or her knowledge to help clients, this is a positive trait to keep in mind as you evaluate being a life coach.

An Awareness Of Video Chatting

Although many life coaches meet with their clients in person, others use video chatting software to connect with clients outside their city and state. If you enjoy the idea of incorporating video into your practice, you'll be able to help more people—and grow your business. It's ideal if you're aware of how to use video chatting and keen on doing so, as you'll be able to offer a valuable service that not all life coaches in your community may offer to their clients.