5 Tips For Planning The Most Beautiful Beach Wedding

4 August 2020
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A beach wedding is always a great idea because the environment itself is so beautiful. However, that doesn't mean you don't need to do any planning for your wedding. To pull off a great beach wedding, you need to do a little planning and trust a wedding planner to help you pull off this special event. 

Go for Lightweight Outfits

First, when it comes to the outfits that your wedding party wears, this is not the time to be all formal and stuffy. With a beach wedding, you need to be prepared for a lot of wind and sand. Depending on when you are getting married, it may also be kind of hot outside, and there will not be a lot of shady on the beach either.

With that being said, you want to go for lightweight outfits. Go for a wedding dress that is light on the layers and easily moves around. Go for flowy long bridesmaid dresses, or if you go for shorter dresses, make sure the hems are weighted so they don't blow up. For the guys, consider lightweight material for the pants.

You may want to ditch the formal shoes as well and embrace going barefoot or wearing tennis shoes or sandals. Dress shoes and heels are not the best choices for a beach wedding.

Schedule Your Wedding During the Day

Second, you should schedule your wedding during the day. A beach is not going to have a lot of artificial light, so you don't want to schedule your wedding for the evening hours.

If you want to have more of an evening reception, you can schedule your wedding around sunset. If you schedule your wedding around sunset, be prepared to move fast to wrap up your wedding before the light fades. Your wedding planner can help keep your wedding on track and ensure you get the best light for pictures. 

Put Up a Nice Arch or Alter Area

Just because you are getting married at the beach doesn't mean you have to skip out on some sort of alter. Rent a nice arch to put where the wedding party will be standing. This will help create a focal point for the wedding and will help enhance a naturally beautiful setting. Your wedding planner can rent a nice alter or set of arches for your special day. 

Bring in Some Chairs

Don't assume that everyone who attends your wedding will be comfortable standing the entire time. If possible, rent chairs for people to sit in, or bring in at least a few chairs. Elderly guests and those with health issues will appreciate having a place to sit. Your wedding planner can arrange for the rental of nice chairs for your wedding and can arrange for their setup and take-down as well. 

Be Flexible

Finally, with a beach wedding, you need to be ready to be flexible. The wind may be whipping around, making it difficult for people to hear your vows. There may be other people on the beach. You need to have a flexible attitude if you want to get married on a beach.

Work with a wedding planner to remove all the stress from planning a beautiful beach wedding.