Participate In A Club Crawl That Features A Poker Run

23 April 2020
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A club crawl/poker run ties in two social events that could result in you making new friends and walking away with a hefty sum of money. If you have heard through a local tavern owner that they are going to be participating in a crawl/run, gather up some of your friends, sign up for the event, and make the most of what the afternoon or evening has to offer.

Learn About This Type Of Event

A club crawl that coincides with a poker run will feature several venues that are designated as the pickup locations. In a poker run, participants are directed to stop by specific locations and at each one, cards will be drawn. Each card that is collected throughout the event will make up a poker hand. When a club crawl is tied into a poker run, people are encouraged to enjoy a beverage or two that each club offers and may be presented with door prizes, complimentary appetizers or meals, and group activities.

The whole purpose of a crawl/run is to promote businesses and to raise money for a worthy cause. If you haven't visited many venues in the town that you reside in, you may discover a couple that appeal to you and that you may wind up adding to your weekly social plans. In addition, you do not need to be an experienced poker player, in order to have a good time. During the run, your card values will be recorded on a scorecard and at the final venue, the winner of the event will be revealed. 

Get In On The Action

The event schedule will inform you of the clubs that you need to visit, the timeframe that has been designated for each stop, any extra activities or offers that will be presented to you during each club session, and the amount of the prize. Standard poker runs require participants to ride on motorcycles, but one that is geared toward a larger audience may allow the participants to choose the mode of transportation that is used.

If you and your friends are going to be attending the event together, chip in on public transportation or agree to carpool. Upon your arrival at the first club, you will be directed as to where to go to collect your initial card.

Keep track of your scorecard throughout the event and have the card stamped by a patron, if the directions for the event tell you to do so. Even if you are not deemed the winner of the poker portion of the event, you will likely have a lot of fun while you experience what type of nightlife is offered in the city that you live in.