Are You Throwing A Party For Your Child's Sports Team's Big Win? 4 Tips To Arrange For A Bounce House Rental

14 August 2019
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Victory is sweet, and your decision to host a party for your child's sports team helps everyone enjoy the rewards of their hard work. Over the course of the season, those kids have worked hard during their practices, and you may have even witnessed them displaying amazing signs of good sportsmanship. Now that they've finally won big, they deserve a party that helps them bond as a team and create memories to go along with those medals. A bounce house rental is the perfect way to give the kids a chance to get their energy out while enjoying the party of the year.

1. Get an Estimate of the Head Count 

When you arrange for your rental, you need to have an idea of how many kids are attending the party so that you can make sure to get the right size. While the kids can naturally take turns, you also want to make sure that there is enough space for the majority of them to play at a time. Start by taking the team count and add in other attendees such as siblings and neighborhood friends.

2. Find the Perfect Space 

The bounce house needs to be set up in a safe space that has enough room for it once it is fully inflated. Keep in mind that bouncers need additional room around the main house for stakes to be used to anchor it to the ground. The ideal space for an inflatable bouncer is on a grassy area that is flat and free of rocks and other types of debris.

3. Choose an Exciting Type or Theme

Bounce houses range from the traditional single room set up to impressive obstacle courses. You can also find them in themes that could match your child's team's sport, or you could choose another fun theme to add an extra element of interest to the party. Either way, keep the ages and interests of the kids on the team in mind, and you can bet that they'll love any type of bouncer that you choose.

4. Be Sure to Cover the Rules

The sight of an inflatable bouncer is enough to send the kids running toward the entrance. However, you will want to make sure to cover the safety rules before anyone starts to jump. Appoint an adult or two to stand watch as the children play and remind them to take off their shoes and be mindful of the other bouncers.