Tips For Hosting An Event In A Banquet Hall

17 April 2019
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If you're hosting a large event and need a venue that offers enough space to hold everyone comfortably, consider renting a banquet hall. Not only are the halls spacious, most offer other convenient services as well, which will make the planning process easier. 

You can hold almost any type of big event or special occasion in a banquet hall, including wedding receptions, milestone birthday parties, holiday soirees, 50th anniversary celebrations, graduations, reunions or family reunions. If there is a specific banquet hall that offers the location and services that you desire, book it as far in advance of the big day as possible to ensure availability. 

Although some banquet halls may seem a bit cavernous and impersonal at first, that can work to your advantage if you want to put your own personal stamp on the space. Think of it as a blank canvas that you can decorate with lighting elements, tables and chairs, centerpieces, balloon archways or even a rented dance floor if you'd like. 

Before renting any furniture or hiring an outside caterer, ask the banquet hall's event staff what in-house services they offer. You may even be able to get a discount if you accept a bundled deal.

Here are a few more tips for hosting a special event in a banquet hall:

1. Catering

Hiring the hall's catering team to prepare all of the snacks, meals and desserts for your event may be easier on your wallet then bringing one in yourself. If you have a specific cuisine, such as Italian, you'd like to serve, work with the team to come up with the ideal menu. 

If serving alcohol during the event is important to you, make sure the banquet hall of your choice has a liquor license before signing a rental contract. In some cases, they may provide a bartender to mix and serve drinks throughout the celebration.

2. Logistics

Another way that a banquet hall's event team can help you is with logistics. Tell them in advance how many guests you're expecting, and they can set up the proper amount of tables and chairs. They may also provide decorative items, too, such as linens and chair covers and cushions. To add a personal touch to the hall, pick linens in colors that coordinate with the overall theme, such as turquoise for a beach-inspired wedding receptions.

Also ask if they're willing to install the lighting elements of your choice, such as paper or candle lanterns hung above the tables, string lights wrapped around poles and beams, or even a LED-lit dance floor. If they can't provide them, find out if you're allowed to bring them in from an outside source.