How To Turn The Annual Corporate Party Into An Affair Employees Actually Enjoy

29 December 2016
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Did last year's corporate New Year's party or other annual event leave you and your staff with a case of the ho-hums instead of happiness? If you want your staff to look forward to the annual party instead of thinking of it as a social obligation to be endured, it's time to step things up. Here are three things that you can do about your corporate parties that will make you a holiday hero to your employees.

1.) Invest In The VIP Treatment

Don't put a group of employees in charge of putting together the party and decorations—that's a sure recipe for disaster for two reasons. First, someone you don't pick to be on the party committee is bound to feel excluded. Second, someone you pick to be on the party committee is bound to wish they weren't included in the first place.

Treat your staff like VIPs for the night by investing in a full-service venue that will handle everything from the decorations and menu choices to the evening's entertainment. Many event management companies even offer package deals, which can help you stay within your budget while offering you a turn-key event that doesn't take up any of your valuable time to arrange either.

2.) Keep The Entertainment Coming

A lot of employees don't enjoy the company party because the parties are boring. Unless they already socialize with each other outside of work, they may not know what to talk to each other about (other than work). That can lead to awkward silences or uncomfortable conversations.

You can prevent this by making sure that the evening stays lively, and the staff has plenty to talk about if you hire the right entertainment. Consider entertainment that will get your staff directly involved:

  • hire a few fortune tellers to offer Tarot card or palm readings

  • get a few professional dancers to help guide guests through the Macarena

  • hire a hypnotist to give a show

  • have casino tables set up and let employees gamble for tokens that can be exchanged for wrapped gifts of various sizes

3.) Arrange For Transportation

This is particularly important if there's alcohol being served at the event. Let guests know that you're more than happy to arrange rides home for anybody that needs it. Have a chauffeured van service or a string of volunteers from among the company's management ready and waiting so that all your employees make it home safely.

There's no reason that dismal holiday parties have to become an office tradition. With a little extra planning, your holiday parties can become something that employees look forward to every year!

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