What Venue Selection Mistakes Could Ruin Your Wedding?

28 December 2016
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Even though every aspect of your wedding is important, your wedding venue ranks at the top of the list of importance. Without a good venue, your wedding day could turn from a dream to a nightmare. When it is time for you and your partner to select your wedding venue, here are some mistakes to avoid.  

  1. Failing to review the estimate before the tour. Touring a location without the benefit of knowing whether or not it can fit into your budget could set the stage for heartache later if you fall in love with it. By knowing ahead all of the costs you can face, you can limit your searches to those you can afford. 

  2. Inviting too many people. Although it might be tempting to invite everyone you know to your wedding, resist the urge. The more people you invite, the larger space you need to reserve. If a large number of those guests do not show, you could be left with an empty space you did not need. 

  3. Agreeing to use certain vendors. Some venues have contracts with vendors to provide the service for weddings held there. This might sound like it will make planning your wedding easier, but it could lead to more problems and it limits your choices.  

  4. Forgetting parking. Unless your guests all live within walking distance of the venue, chances are, you will need enough parking to comfortably accommodate them. If the venue does not have on-site parking, you will need to find a parking area nearby and provide transportation to and from your wedding venue. 

  5. Selecting separate venues. The quickest way to annoy guests is to have your wedding and reception at two different locations. If possible, look for a venue that offers space enough for both or a way to quickly convert the wedding hall into a reception hall.  

  6. Not having a backup plan. Even though you might have the perfect venue booked, you cannot always predict what will happen on your wedding day. Work with the venue's director to determine what backup arrangements are available if your first choice is suddenly unavailable.  

Take your time when selecting your wedding venue. Many of the challenges that come with finding the right location can be overcome by being reasonable and assessing your needs. Work with your wedding coordinator to determine what other mistakes you should avoid while selecting your venue. You can also reach out to a local venue, like Rainbow Gardens or a similar location, for more tips and ideas.